What interests me are the nuances and
subtleties of human relationships, the
moments of tension that are created when
individuals exist within the same environment.
I stage photographs that depict the ways in
which individuals interact. Although the
characters may exist within the same visual
frame, they may find themselves in different
worlds psychologically. I take interest in what
underlying tension and feelings exist between
these people; the moments of jealousy,
distrust and uneasiness, but also the quiet
moments of contemplation. What happens
between the characters within the frame is
never completely clear. The narrative is left
unresolved. Issues of fiction and non-fiction
are apparent when dealing with lens-based
art. What captures my attention, however, is
when elements of reality exist in the same
space as elements of fiction. In my work I
stage ordinary people, as opposed to actors,
and I situate the photographs somewhere
between fiction and non-fiction.
G E O R G E  A L L E N