Jackie Cytrynbaum
Music In the Metro

Several years ago Canadian Jackie
Cytrynbaum began photographing the
metro system in Montreal. The project
then expanded to the undergrounds of
Prague and Washington, D.C. In the
near future the London tube stations,
New York and Toronto will follow and
eventually Moscow, Stockholm and

Cytrynbaum’s images amplify the
inherent rhythm and movement of the
trains and crowds. Carefully attuned to
each city’s subterranean environment,
she reconstructs the spaces and
blends perspectives to give an
emotional impact much like music–a
symphony of color, lines, and shapes
that emerge from the speed and
propulsion of the trains, the metal,
concrete, and colored glass structures
where strangers gather for communal
transport. The photographs echo what it
means to be in a metropolitan subway–
revealing anxieties, anticipation,
resignation and contemplation. As the
Music in the Metro series explores
these moments of urban life, we begin
to wonder,
are the underground
caverns our contemporary communal
caves? Are they sanctuaries where we
are caught between worlds?

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