As with many full-contact
fighting sports, Muay Thai
focuses strongly on body
conditioning and
intensive training,
designed specifically to
promote the toughness
required for ring
competition. Of interest is
how Liu trains his lens
particularly on the youth
who are hoping to
achieve success in the
ranks of Thailand's
national sport.

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Volume 3 of INSIGHT features the
Thai Culture series.

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Shadow and Boxer
Muay Thai, also known as
"The Art of the Eight
Limbs," is deeply
ingrained in Thai culture.
It remains the salvation of
those who have no other
means of livelihood.
Camps across Thailand
regularly take in orphans,
homeless children, and
children whose parents
can no longer afford to
raise them. They are fed,
clothed, and provided
with an education. In
return, the camp typically
takes half their earnings.
However, not all
motivations are monetary
in nature, as some camps
take in children simply
because they have
nowhere else to go.

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