The town of Alviso is located at the bottom of the
San Francisco Bay. At one point, it was a thriving
fishing town, with a cannery and docks and
industry. As the land and the bay was sold to the
Cargill Salt company, the ecosystem was
destroyed and the town emptied, leaving only the
poorest. Over the last several years, the marsh
has gone through a restoration.
The salt ponds are slowly being reclaimed and the
town is growing, due to the expansion of Silicon

I have been documenting the evolution—first, to
show that despite the destruction there are areas of
great beauty to be found in the marsh and in small
spaces, and second, to rejoice in the restoration of
habitat and ecosystems.
I recently have begun shooting the town and
structures, to capture this current in-between
state—not totally destroyed, but not a thriving
metropolis. The economic crisis of the last few
years has slowed the town’s evolution. Bound by
the water and the marsh, the Alviso area is a
place often overlooked and forgotten in the larger
context of the San Francisco Bay Area.
Alviso Baylands.
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