Lester Weiss: Imaginary City

Lester Weiss describes his imagery as "an archaeology of
the present moment." By merging found realities on the
streets of San Francisco, Weiss produces a
recontextualization of urban surfaces and places, creating an
imaginary sense of environment. These transformative
images focus on
reflective surfaces as their primary medium
of communication.

Weiss states: "Some of these surfaces contain remnants of
the manufacturing and marketing of desire and expectation.
But through the weathering process, through human
intervention, and ultimately through framing at the moment of
their discovery, the original intent of these communications is
often subverted. When using reflective surfaces, I am creating
what I think of as merged realities, in which the blending of
these two or more views of reality often creates an entirely
new sense of space...With the sense of realism disrupted by
merging multiple views, a more dreamlike or expressive and
emotional sense of the world is emphasized and conveyed."

His work transcends a mere documentation of the city, but
rather reveals the pulse of a place, where "vandalized
surfaces become expressions of passion and spirituality and
torn, weathered, and aged posters become poetic

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