Jing Zhou creates visual dialogues
between eternity and transience,
oneness and variety, existence and
emptiness. As a Chinese artist living in
the western world, she utilizes her
comprehensive understanding of
Chinese philosophies (the prudent and
contrary-minded Taoist beliefs, the
attached-to-the-earth reality of
Confucianism, and the sudden
enlightenment and intuitive insights of
Zen) delicately balanced with western
art, literature, spirituality, and
philosophies to describe what is the
true nature of beauty and life.

Jing herself notes: “Influenced by
modern design, I am a designer coming
out of a classic tradition. I am also an
artist developing a personal visual
language that expresses universal
ideas. My images form a visual
communication that interacts in several
collective dialogues…an attempt to
attain moments of transcendence, to
reach the artless-art, emptiness, self-
unconsciousness, and self-
forgetfulness. In other words, artistic
creation is a process of expressing my
true nature via being human.”

Jing Zhou, born in Chongqing, China, is
an Assistant Professor of Art at
Monmouth University, New Jersey.
She completed her Bachelor of Fine
Arts degree at Sichuan Fine Arts
Institute in Chongqing, and a Master of
Fine Arts degree from Georgia
Southern University.

The artist may be contacted directly
by email at jing009@yahoo.com.

Works are available for sale. Please
contact sales@photomediacenter.org.