For the past fourteen years, Texas artist Paul
Greenberg has been exploring the social
documentary aspects of street corners.

Using a Widelux Panorama camera, an unusual
camera for street photography, Greenberg's
images give us a vantage point which oftentimes
provides views of occupants on two adjacent
stages, separated by the corner, unaware of each
other, yet combining to form a cohesive, whole

Greenberg comments: "I look at the street corner
as a metaphor for the theater stage. I am
fascinated by the min-dramas played out on the
diversity of these corner stages.  Street corners
are one of those common, everyday things we look
at but never really see." How travelers interact
with each other and also the space of the corner
itself brings excitement to the mundane, "where
actors enter and play out the constantly changing
drama of life on the street corner."