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The Water Series employs the figure and
water as symbols to represent and
explore the connections and the strange
separation of the spiritual and the

Optically dynamic, water is transparent,
reflective and refractive. It "mirrors" and
"lenses." In a sense we don't actually
"see" water.  We see what water does to
what is in it, under it or reflected by it. In
nature liquid water is always moving and
its motion relative to the viewer and the
light dictates what it does visually.

An initial concern was to evoke natural
settings convincingly in the studio. Along
the way it was learned that the geometry,
or shape of the surface of the water was
the most critical aspect visually.  This led
to sets and devices which allow the
creation of entirely other-worldly visual
environments with wave forms, splashes
and fields of lensing bubbles. There are
now over 100 images in the Water Series.

All images are created in the studio on
large-format film. There is no
manipulation, digital or otherwise, after
the initial exposure: what is seen in the
print is what was presented to the camera.