Stephen Althouse
Tools and Shrouds
2009 Open Exhibition
Juror: LaToya Ruby Frazer
Holga Show 3.0
James Arnold
Holga Photography
Holga Show 2.0
Holga Show
Annual Juried Exhibitions
Previously Featured Exhibitions
2008 Open Exhibition
Juror: Anthony LaSala
2007 Open Exhibition
Juror: Deb Vahanian
2006 Open Exhibition
Juror: Gary Cardot
2005 Open Exhibition
Juror: Mike Tkach
2004 Open Exhibition
Jurors: Jeff and Laurie Urraro
Lung S. Liu
Muay Thai Culture
Julie Blackmon
Domestic Vacations
Group Show
Big Top Photo Show
Susan Bowen
Urban Panorama
Marcie Jan Bronstein
Illuminating the Negative
Robert Brown
Court of the Animal Gods
Brian Buckley
Dorthe Alstrup
Within Spaces
Matthew Chase-Daniel
Reconstructed Landscapes
Kerry Stuart Coppin
Materia Oscura /
Dark Matter
Group Show
Photography of the Figure
A. E. Fournet
Sticks, Stones, & Bones
Teresa Franks
The Language of Flowers
Paul Greenberg
Eriver Hijano
Jackie Cytrynbaum
Music in the Metro
Perry Dilbeck
The Last Harvest
Group Show
Environment: Place
Blue Mitchell
Brian Oglesbee
Water Series
Ron Gershman
Sara Rytteke
Only Skin Deep
Joseph Allen Popp
Recent Works
Jason King
Starlight Meadows
Steven Meyers
Botanical Radiographs
Louviere + Vanessa
Yuri Marder
Ellis Island
Lester Weiss
Imaginary City
Jing Zhou
Ch'an Mind, Zen Mind Series
Paul Wainwright
Empty Spaces
Ellen Susan
Soldier Portraits
Group Show
2004 Student Exhibition
Doug Landreth
Scratching the Surface
Andre Sanchez
Digital Desires
Todd Scalise
Pixels, Pills, and Paint
Ursula Sokolowska
Portraits and Projections
An archived catalog of previous online exhibitions from Photomedia Center's past programming seasons.
Sarah Peck:
International Family
Greg Britton
Public Spaces,
Private Moments
John Bavaro
The iPhone Fayum
2010 Open Exhibition
Juror: David Bram
Erin Malone
The Alviso Project
2011 Open Exhibition
Jurors: Louviere+Vanessa